César E. Chávez Community Service Award

Born in Yuma, AZ, Dr. César E. Chávez grew up in California as a migrant farm worker. Witnessing the environmental conditions of our community, César organized grassroots efforts to improve the working and living conditions. His efforts led to the founding the United Farm Workers Association. Arizona State University honored César in 1992 with an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humane Letters, Honors Causa, for his efforts in community building and improving the working conditions of migrant farm workers. César inspired others to share, care, and above all, build a sense of community within the neighborhoods that we were raised and must now serve. Based upon his spirit, passion, tireless action, and leadership, César stands as a national legend. A devoted father, community organizer, activist, and non-violent leader, Dr. César E. Chávez lent his support to causes which improved the living and working conditions for many. In honor of these achievements, the ASU CLFSA recognizes a community member who exemplifies: community activism, Outreach to Hispanic youth, a Strong foundation of leadership, and Establishment of community collaborations.

Past César E. Chávez Community Service Award Honorees

2019 – Arizona Latino Media Association
2018 – Reyna Montoya
2017 – Michael Reed
2016 – Pete C. Garcia
2015 – Dr. Cecilia Rosales
2014 – Marcelino Quiñonez
2013 – DREAMzone
2012 – Lydia A. Aranda
2011 – Sandra Ferniza
2010 – Anna Salazar, Sophie Bejarano, & Laura Quiñones
2009 – Dr. Loui Olivas
2008 – Edmundo Hidalgo and the Hispanic Research Center
2007 – Manuel “Lito” Peña
2006 – Bianca Lucero
2005 – Tim Hogan & Sylvia Salas
2004 – Rosemary Ybarra-Hernández
2003 – Dorelyn Kunkel
2002 – Armando Flores
2001 – Senator Jo Eddie & Rose Marie Lopez
2000 – Pete García
1999 – Manuel Luis Ortega
1999 – Dr. Santos Vega
1998 – Dr. Emilia Martínez-Brawley
1997 – Ed Delci
1996 – Dr. Sheryl Santos
1995 – Alfredo Gutiérrez
1994 – Dr. José Nañez