Dr. Christine Marin Staff Award

Born in Globe, Arizona, Christine Marin began her tenure at ASU in 1961 when she enrolled as a student. Chris earned a B.A. in English (1976) and a M.A. in History (1982) and Ph.D. (2005) from ASU. As a student, Chris became active, becoming a founding member of the Mexican American Students' Organization (1967) which is now known as MEChA. In 1967, Chris joined the ASU staff as a library assistant where she began efforts to initiate and institutionalize what is now the Chicano Research Collection in Hayden Library; she now serves as its curator and archivist. As a devoted ASU staff member, Chris has served in various university committees, task forces, and administrative positions. More importantly, Chris has compassionately served our students, faculty, and community. Christine Marin exemplifies devotion to public service and advancement of our Hispanic heritage in her efforts of preservation and documentation. In honor of these achievements, the ASU CLFSA recognizes an ASU staff member who exemplifies: passion of their profession, Outreach to Hispanic youth, Leadership at ASU/the community, and Community service/involvement. 

Past Dr. Christine Marin Staff Award Honorees

2019 – Sylvia Symonds
2018 – Michelle Saldana-Chiago
2017 – Nancy Liliana Godoy-Powell
2016 – Alejandro Perilla
2015 – Charlene T. Vasquez
2014 – Felipe Ruiz Acosta
2013 – Elizabeth Cantu
2012 – Chris X. Reyes
2011 – Stacey Flores
2010 – Anita F. Luera
2009 – Maria Moreno
2008 – Anita Verdugo Tarango
2007 – Dr. Gabriel Escontrías, Jr.
2006 – Gema Ledesma
2005 – Concepcion Biebrich
2004 – Maria Elena Coronado
2003 – David Morales
2002 – Dr. Antonia Franco
2001 – Ed Delci
2000 – Sonia Honne
1999 – Eva Fatigoni
1998 – Norma Talamante
1997 – Susan Alameda
1996 – Dr. Santos Vega
1995 – Frank Hidalgo
1994 – Jerri Pastor