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CLFSA Membership form 2019-20

The CLFSA@asu.edu listserv is a venue through which our Executive Board Members will communicate and publicize upcoming CLFSA events and business related matters such as guest speakers, meeting reminders, agendas, minutes, invitations, etc.
The NOTICIAS@asu.edu listserv is a venue through which our members can engage in discourse beneficial to Arizona State University and our community at large. The listserv is intended to be a space in which all our members can share information and communicate with one another. Please note that as an ASU listserv NOTICIAS@asu.edu is subject to ASU Policies and Procedures. Therefore, it is an expectation that information shared through the NOTICIAS@asu.edu listserv will not be in violation of the general rules of University-sponsored listservs (e.g., no partisan notes, etc.). Communication that violates these policies can be harmful to the reputation and good standing of our association.
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CLFSA Faculty Initiatives (e.g., forums, lectures, workshops, mixers) CLFSA Service Professional & Staff Initiatives (e.g., forums, workshops, mixers) CLFSA Student Initiatives (e.g., student organization sponsorships, scholarship development) CLFSA Diversity Initiatives (e.g., diversity conference budget)
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