Poly Sol

In spring 2021, Chicano and Latino Faculty and Staff Association added a representative from Poly Sol to the CLFSA Executive Board to strengthen commitment and outreach at the ASU Polytechnic campus and the East valley.

Poly Sol is a faculty and staff collective. The organization was founded at ASU's Polytechnic campus in the fall of 2019 to build community among Chicanx and Latinx professionals through networking, community engagement events and service. Founding members include: Vanessa Fonseca Chavez, Regina Matos, Elena Calderon, Jesus Chavez and Martine Garcia.


Poly Sol 2021-2022 members

2021-2022 Poly Sol members pictured at the ASU Polytechnic campus.
2021-2022 Poly Sol members include, from left to right, Martine Garcia, Patty Santillanes Soto, Rafael Martinez Orozco, Regina Matos, Vanessa Fonseca Chavez and Jesus Chavez.

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