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The Chicano/Latino Faculty and Staff Association (CLFSA) at Arizona State University invites you to join and contribute to the Hispanic and Latino community.

Founded in the fall of 1970, CLFSA has maintained a strong presence at ASU and has grown with the university. We developed these statements and principles to guide the association and to invite more members like you to join us.  

Vision: The Chicano/Latino Faculty and Staff Association (CLFSA) seeks to be an active and effective advocate in furthering the principles of access and social impact and to be a leader in addressing issues that are important to the Latino community.

Mission: CLFSA supports and advocates for Chicanos and Latinos at ASU by educating university administrators, faculty, staff and students on the policies, issues and challenges that affect the community.  

Valued principles:  Representation and voice  |  Access and equity to education  |  Networking


Peter Murrieta grew up hearing stories about his ancestor Joaquin Murrieta, also known as the Robin Hood of the West, from his relatives
This fall marks Francisco Pedraza’s first semester at Arizona State University.
Have you ever thought about the amount of single-use plastic cutlery disposed of daily on the ASU Tempe campus? How about in a semester? Or a year?