To continue to expand and thrive with impact, we need you! Join CLFSA today and encourage others to be engaged with our wonderful Arizona State University Chicano and Latino community. Dues are $30 per academic year to fund programming aligned with our mission and your success!

Below are some of the ways you may contribute as a member. In addition, becoming a member helps us build community, a familia, and network with individuals outside of our work space. As a result, we also become a resource for each other. You can also run for an executive board position, which adds leadership experience and personal development.

  • Join CLFSA and be part of our active community
  • Engage in meetings, special events and leadership serviceĀ 
  • Volunteer your time, talents, and be a mentor
  • Donate funds and in kind services to support our programming and scholarships
  • Advocate for our association and mission with faculty and staff across ASU

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