About Us

The Chicano Faculty and Staff Association (as it was formerly known), was founded in the fall of 1970.

According to its Constitution, in Article II: the purpose of the Association was to:

  • To promote an exchange of ideas about the policies and issues that affect the progress of Chicanos and Latinos at ASU.
  • To establish a better understanding and appreciation, on the part of the university and the community as a whole, of the problems faced by the Chicanos and Latinos at this university;
  • To study effective ways and means of expressing our concerns to the proper university officials and to suggest practical remedies for problems.
  • To cooperate with student organizations and others who share our concerns and philosophy.
  • To educate the larger community about the status of the Chicanos and latinos on campus and to insure that his concerns are heard at the highest levels of the university.

Founding members of the Chicano Faculty and Staff Association are: Dr. Raul Leyba, School of Social Work; Dr. Justo Alarcon, Dept of Spanish; Dr. Quino Martinez, Dept. of Spanish; Dr. Manuel P. Servin, Dept. of History; Dr. Roberto Acevedo, Dept. of Spanish; and ASU Staff Members: Conrad Martinez, Community Services Dept.; Dr. Christine Marin, University Libraries.

Prepared by Dr. Christine Marin, Curator/Archivist, Chicano Research Collection, Department of Archives and Special Collections, ASU University Libraries (www.asu.edu/lib/archives/chicano.htm).

To view the Association's 1970-71 founding constitution please click the following: CLFSA Constitution1970-71.doc

To view the Association's current constitution, please click the following: CLFSA Constitution 2013.


CLFSA meets once a month at the Tempe and Downtown Phoenix campuses, unless otherwise noted. These meetings typically feature speakers on current topics of interest to the membership, updates on special projects and operations of the association, and announcements by our peers. More details on our monthly meeting agendas will be distributed via our CLFSA listserv and available here


Become a part of this active organization; attend meetings, nominate an awardee, and/or suggest a project. Your voice and participation are important in building a stronger Chicano and Latino community within and outside of ASU. Membership dues are $30 annually, however, we are delighted to offer a 1-year COMPLIMENTARY CLFSA membership to faculty and staff who are new hires to ASU for the current fiscal year. So, take the first step and join!

Arizona State University is a growing and dynamic institution. We invite you to join CLFSA in addressing current and future concerns involving the Chicano/Latino community at ASU and in Arizona. Together we will work to shape our future, discover solutions, and promote a friendly and active community.