Roberto Pastor Student Award

Campaign photo of Roberto L. Pastor. Photo courtesy of Robert E. Pastor.

Roberto Pastor was one of the early Chicano student leaders at ASU during the initial "Levantamiento Estudiantil" in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Roberto helped spearhead the ASU/SOUTHWEST Chicano Mobile Project, an early upstart of the community-based recruitment and retention projects benefiting the Chicano community. Through his efforts, Roberto a leading force and community-based coalition builder, giving birth to the development of Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc., Barrio Youth, Inc., and Valle Del Sol Institute, Inc. In 1974, Roberto successfully launched his candidacy for Justice of the Peace in south Phoenix and served as Justice of the Peace until his untimely death in an auto accident. 

Roberto Pastor served as an energetic role model for students of all ages and forged a leadership role in the Hispanic community of Arizona. In honor of these achievements, the ASU CLFSA recognizes a graduate or undergraduate who exemplifies: academic achievement, Outreach to Hispanic youth, Leadership at ASU/the community, and Community service/involvement.

Roberto Pastor Student Award
Honorees since 1994

2022 – Jesús Villa
2021 – Stacey Flores

2020 – Lorena Austin
2019 – Carolina Michelle López and Esteban Medrano
2018 – Vasthy Lamadrid
2017 – Elisa Gonzales
2016 – Mitzi Vilchis
2015 – Vanessa Sandoval
2014 – Mathew Nevarez
2013 – Tanya Alderete
2012 – Carlitos Hernandez
2011 – Jose F. Alvarez, Jr (undergrad) and Tracey Flores (grad)

2010 – Sarah A. Garcia
2009 – Michael J. Trejo
2008 – Elenia Sotelo
2007 – Ana Gomez
2006 – Juliet N. Kissel
2005 – Christina Marin
2004 – Janey Pearl
2003 – Cristina Gonzalez
2002 – MaryLou Gonzalez
2001 – Rosanne Carbajal

2000 – Isabel Gonzalez
1999 – Kathya Hidalgo
1998 – Luis Heredia
1997 – Rafael Reyes
1996 – Veronica Robles
1995 – Natalie Rivera
1994 – Romero Jalomo